Apr 192014


A special this time around – an extended interview with Simon Godfrey, whose new album, Motherland, is currently creating a big splash on the progressive and acoustic music scenes. I chat to Simon about the album in detail, about his plans for the future – including relocation to the USA – and about the three-field farming system prior to the agricultural revolution of the late eighteenth century. We also take the album for a spin in its entirety, as well as airing a few other songs which Simon has been involved with in the past including a couple from Tinyfish.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll go out and buy the album at The Bad Elephant Music website!

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Mar 022014

The CRS Awards were a bit glitzier this year…

After last time’s nostalgia blowout, we’re (almost) entirely bang up to date this week, with new releases from Matt Stevens, Lee Abraham, Frequency Drift and others, a bit of a folky set, and a celebration of the best of 2013 courtesy of the CRS Awards winners.

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Feb 152014


Carrying on from where we left off in June 2011, here’s The European Perspective’s review of the great progressive rock albums released in 1977. They said that punk killed prog in 1976, but nothing could be further from the truth – as this collection of music proves. I’ve ignored the ‘Europe only’ rule this time around, so you can get Happy The Man and Rush alongside old show favourites such as Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd.

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