Jun 082014


The relentless march through my favourite 200 British and European progressive rock albums of the 21st century continues, this time focused entirely on music released in 2009. An epic year for the music, but quite honestly it would have been a standout just for one release, Big Big Train’s landmark album, The Underfall Yard.

Anyway, get on with it, Wilf.

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May 182014


So…the second part of the ‘Two Hundred’ six-parter – no cake (well, not until tea-time) and no Spoffo, but the quality of the music is undiminished! We’re really getting into the ‘TEP Years’, as I’ve just decided they’re called, with albums that provided the mainstay of the first year or so of the show’s history.

Back next time with Part 3, when we’re really getting into the swing of things…

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May 032014

tep200-big Unbelievably, this is the 200th episode of The European Perspective. Let’s all have cake

In this and the next five shows I will be presenting my personal selection of the 200 albums that have ‘made’ British and European progressive rock since the start of the 21st century. It’s been quite a ride, I can tell you – and choosing 200 wasn’t that easy.For the first show I’m once again joined by the redoubtable Spoffo to take a look back at the great records released between 2001 and 2006, the year when it really all got going.

Be warned – it’s not short!

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Apr 192014


A special this time around – an extended interview with Simon Godfrey, whose new album, Motherland, is currently creating a big splash on the progressive and acoustic music scenes. I chat to Simon about the album in detail, about his plans for the future – including relocation to the USA – and about the three-field farming system prior to the agricultural revolution of the late eighteenth century. We also take the album for a spin in its entirety, as well as airing a few other songs which Simon has been involved with in the past including a couple from Tinyfish.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll go out and buy the album at The Bad Elephant Music website!

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