Nov 222014
"I'm SO pleased The European Perspective is back. Now give me some cat treats or I'll trash the sofa"

“I’m SO pleased The European Perspective is back. Now give me some
cat treats or I’ll trash the sofa”

Yes, the European Perspective is back, with a plethora of new music from the very best British and European acts. Get your listening gear around this lot…

This year we’re working with our old friend Ken Foster to find out what your favourite albums of the year are in the Electric Garden/European Perspective poll – get along and vote!

1. AudioPlastik – Now (04:49) from Now (single), 2014

2. Lazuli - Une pente qu’on dévale (05:12) from Tant que l’herbe est grasse, 2014

3. Fish On Friday – Radio (04:43) from Godspeed, 2014

4. Gong – When God Shakes Hands with Devil (05:36) from I See You, 2014

5. Unto Us - Plan B (10:19) from The Human Landscape, 2014

6. Lunatic Soul - Gutter (08:42) from Walking on a Flashlight Beam, 2014

7. Millenium – Over & Over (05:40) from In Search Of The Perfect Melody, 2014

8. Billy Bottle & The Multiple – The Vessel (10:35) from Unrecorded Beam, 2013

9. Fractal Mirror – The Hive (05:33) from Garden Of Ghosts, 2014

10. Schnauser - National Grid (06:23) from Protein for Everyone, 2014

11. North Atlantic Oscillation – Dust (07:28) from The Third Day, 2014

12. Frequency Drift – Midnight (06:02) from Summer, 2014

13. Andrew Taylor – Podhu & Aruwa (15:19) from Mohribold, 2011

14. AudioPlastik – Leave Me Here (05:41) from Now (single), 2014

15. jh – Wartime Spirit (03:50) from So Much Promise, 2013

16. Emmett Elvin – Where Do You Think You’re Going? (05:19) from Bloody Marvels, 2014

17. Pain Of Salvation – Chain Sling (04:08) from Falling Home, 2014

18. Kitten Pyramid – English Rosa (05:06) from Uh-Oh!, 2014

19. Dropshard - Tied Together (06:40) from Silk, 2014

20. Gandalf’s Fist – Drifter on the Edge of Time (06:38) from A Forest of Fey, 2014

21. United Progressive Fraternity - The Water (05:22) from Fall In Love With The World, 2014

22. Kaipa – Unique When We Fall (05:18) from Sattyg, 2014

23. Kant Freud Kafka – Dama (12:34) from No tengas miedo, 2014

24. The Enid – Leviticus (06:33) from First Light, 2014

25. Kayak – Actium (07:47) from Cleopatra The Crown Of Isis, 2014

26. Arcade Messiah – Everybody Eating Everyone Else (07:59) from Arcade Messiah, 2014

27. Pendragon – Faces of Light (05:50) from Men Who Climb Mountains, 2014

28. Syndone - Ade (05:01) from Odysseas, 2014

29. Moon Safari - Lover’s End Pt. III – Skellefteå Serenade (24:56) from Live in Mexico, 2014

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Sep 062014

As well as the usual raft of new releases – including some killer tunes from Tin Spirits, Multifuse and The Dowling Poole – in this show I’m featuring some fab tunes, both old and new, with a big Canterbury Scene/jazz/outre sort of vibe.

1Matching MoleO Caroline05:06Matching Mole1972
2The TangentThe Canterbury Sequence08:06The Music That Died Alone2003
3Hatfield And The NorthThe Stubbs Effect/Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)/Going Up To People And Tinkliing/Calyx/Son Of 'There's No Place Like Homerton'/Aigrette/Rifferama20:55Hatfield And The North1974
4Tin SpiritsLittle Eyes08:26Scorch2014
5Rumour CubesDo Not Go Gently05:54Appearances of Collections2014
6MultifuseI Feel the Rain08:22Harmony of Opposites2014
7The TangentLost in London08:08A Place in the Queue2006
8Picchio Dal PozzoIl Presidente09:36Camere Zimmer Rooms2001
9Robert WyattWas A Friend06:11Shleep1997
10Emmett ElvinBeyond Astronomy's Reach05:35Bloody Marvels2014
11Chrome HoofUltimate Sealed Unit05:46Chrome Black Gold2013
12GuapoTremors From The Future11:16History Of The Visitation2013
13Soft MachineMoon In June19:06Third1970
14Seven ImpaleEschaton Horo08:30City of the Sun2014
15The Dowling PoolePaper, Scissors, Stone04:03Bleak Strategies2014
16GreenwallNon c'e' Mai Tempo Per Niente07:55Zappa Zippa Zuppa Zeppa2014
17The TangentLost In London 25 Years Later07:33Not As Good As The Book2008
18KhanDriving To Amsterdam09:23Space Shanty1972
19jhFort Dunlop06:44Wanderlust2011
20National HealthTenemos Roads14:34National Health1978
21BrufordEither End Of August05:24Feels Good To Me1978
22U.K.In The Dead Of Night07:30Shadows From The Sun1978
23Henry FoolMen Singing06:43Men Singing2013
24Regal WormApple Witch04:05Use And Ornament2013
25Amoeba Split Turbulent Matrix10:47Dance Of The Goodbyes2010
26ArgosCruel Symmetry20:43Cruel Symmetry2012
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Jun 082014


The relentless march through my favourite 200 British and European progressive rock albums of the 21st century continues, this time focused entirely on music released in 2009. An epic year for the music, but quite honestly it would have been a standout just for one release, Big Big Train’s landmark album, The Underfall Yard.

Anyway, get on with it, Wilf.

View the playlist for this show.

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